The Conspiracy of Confiscation

Posted: October 21, 2010 in Banks, Conspiracy, Federal Reserve, Finance, Foreclosure, freedom, Human Rights, Politics, Treason, U.S Government

(c) 2010 R.J Black

The world as we knew it exists no longer, there is a shadow falling over America as her people awaken to the lies and collusion between the Federal Reserve and the Government, stripping Americans of their wealth and property. Forty two million Americans, men, women and children now live below the poverty level and are in receipt of food stamps. 

The fraudulent and predatory lending practises of the major banks caused this economic crisis affecting American families and destroying untold lives in the process and yet, the people responsible have gone largely unpunished. The United States Congress and Senate with the cooperation of the President awarded over a trillion dollars to these criminals for their crimes against America. Theft of American taxpayer monies from the PUBLIC treasury funded by the Federal Reserve, the very same private institution owned by the very banks responsible for this offence in the first circumstance. 

The Federal Reserve is readying for another round of stimulus spending in November with the recipients none other than the private banking institutions whose seditious fraudulent mortgages have become so toxic they are worthless. The Federal Reserve (owned by the private banking consortium) plans on purchasing these toxic worthless papers at or above market value with the American taxpayer once again forced to cover the losses of the private banking institutions. 

This stimulus package amounts to theft of public money and a greater transfer of wealth to the responsible parties rewarded for their manipulation and illegally confiscating homes from Americans whose tax dollars bailout previously paid for these toxic papers. Now the Federal Reserve continues to devalue the American dollar with an over saturation on world markets and the consequences will be double-digit inflation and epidemic unemployment. 

We are learning of the fraudulent confiscation and counterfeit mortgages sold and re-sold in a conspiracy to defraud investors of their investments. This crime and the fallout of re-possessions of millions of homes is another example of how a central private bank with zero congressional oversight in collusion with the national banks have conspired and manipulated the economy to confiscate wealth. 

Amid this theft, the Federal Government creates excuses and the Senate/Congress displays a dog and pony show fearful of the private central bank that controls America’s money supply with 70% of the investors who control the Federal Reserve non-U.S. citizens. These are the very same people who control the central private banks in Europe, how is that working out for you European Union? 

This is the list of families that have all controlling interest in the Federal Reserve.  

1) the Rothschild Family – London) 2 the Rothschild Family – Berlin

3) The Lazard Brothers – Paris)   4 Israel Seiff – Italy

5) Kuhn-Loeb Company – Germany) 5 the Warburgs – Amsterdam

7) The Warburgs – Hamburg) 6 Lehman Brothers – New York

9) Goldman & Sachs – New York) 10 the Rockefeller Family – New York 

Two financial institutions essentially control the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which undeniably controls the other eleven Federal Reserve branches: They are, 

1) Chase-Manhattan (controlled by the Rockefellers) – 6,389,445 shares – 32.3%
2) Citibank – 4,051,851 shares – 20.5% 

These two entities control nearly 53% of the New York Federal Reserve Bank and considering how many trillions of dollars are involved here; do you not think the above-listed banks and families have an inordinate amount of influence in how America’s money supply is created and wealth distributed? 

Recently it became open knowledge that banks and hedge funds are investing hundreds of millions of dollars into businesses that collect delinquent taxes from homeowners, tack on escalating fees, and threaten foreclosure on those who cannot pay, turning the elderly and the poor into homeless families, the most vulnerable in our society. 

The rape and pillage of America through the private banking system and Wall Street continues unabated and the United States Government seems unwilling or incapable of halting this morally offensive practice, indeed the Governments is preparing to award these same institutions with an additional bailout package disguised as stimulus funding this November. 

Europe’s citizens fully understand the truth, when are we going to get angry enough America to say enough and force these institutions to repay every dollar they have stolen from the tax payer?

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    1. Chemtrails
    2. Martial Law
    3. FEMA Concentration Camps
    4. Foreign Troops on U.S. Soil
    5. ‘Door-to-Door’ Gun Confiscations
    6. 9/11 as Government Plot
    7. Population Control
    8. HAARP
    9. The Federal Reserve Bank privately owned & not federal
    10. The North American Union

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