Apparently I am in Denial

Posted: July 25, 2010 in freedom, Human Rights, Politics

Talking with Americans from the perspective of the left I am considered a Tea Bagger, interesting as I have always held considerable views on politics like most, and I attempt to write from a center perspective although I can lean further left than most Americans including Obama would ever dare go. 

Ms. Sherrod was treated in the most appalling manner by Fox and the Whitehouse without question, she is a human being and race is not an issue, manipulation and spin from the right is the issue, there was no balance in the reports and millions hung her, guilty as charged, without due process. A travesty by any other name is still a travesty and this good woman was maligned. 

That is the reality of politics in America today, manipulation from both sides distorted, twisted and dishonesty building zero credibility and integrity in anything the republicans or democrats say or propose because, in the back of my mind I somehow believe it is nothing more than a grand lie repeated over and over again until it sounds like truth.

As a replacement for open debate it is easier to label me a racist, neo con, left loony or tea bagger, I may need a doctor to sort out where I stand as the left and the right do not want me. I have found approaching both sides with a reasonable attitude in a respectful manner shows you the door in a civil polite fashion. 

The country argues over semantics analyzing each word spoken by people pushing garbage agendas to incite rather than engage and we each buy into a philosophy of politics that honestly only divides rather than unites the country and play right along instead of saying enough! 

We have not become angry sufficiently to hold the people who drive this hate and divide between the people of America into accountability for their actions; we embrace it and make averages Americans our enemy speaking to each other in language we would not tolerate from our children in a playground.

Many people from the Left, Right and Center have valid opinions benefiting debate with no conflict, are we not an intelligent enough species to understand that race is not a measuring stick on capability and intelligence? After reading many articles and blog posts, I truly believe no one cares and the issue is gunmanship and the truth is what the national parties and media spin it to be. 

Americans negotiate this minefield looking for leadership; any sign of hope that Washington cares and find disappointment and a substantial abyss of self-serving elitists or ethics violations, is it any wonder apathy and disillusionment infects the majority of Americans. 

I am not a racist so I cannot be a republican or tea bagger and I am too conservative to be a democrat! 

Therefore, if anyone is interested, I am paper trained and adoptable, oh yes and I am in denial.

  1. l0oree says:

    I will adopt you RJ if you would be happy eating raymen noodles. I like that your agenda is to make things better for others. If everyone was like that, then no one would have to worry about themselves it would already be taken care of. Lets all please agree to make the world a better place.

  2. rmgosselin says:

    I agree that, “Many people from the Left, Right and Center have valid opinions benefiting debate with no conflict.” I have found that when people meet each other, face to face, real discussions take place, because most people (I hope) want to get along with and help others. It seems that anger and fury arise through the use of strident semi-anonymous blogging, or media figures whom we will never meet, much less be able to sit down with over a drink and talk to. Will this get better or worse?

    • R. J Black says:

      We can only hope that Americans that are more moderate become weary of politics as usual and demand elevated principles from all quarters.

      • Rain says:

        Roberto,la tua obiezione è correttissima ;)Domanda per gli sciachimisti in sala: come mai non andate a comprare il pane con una bella mascherina sul volto se respiriamo qunndiiaoamette veleni?

      • Q: Ohhhh, what salacious information you have, you must know important people who know really important people who were there.R: Long Live TWA. Divers picked up every bit and piece they could find so flight 800 could be meticulously pieced together in a hangar, in order to determine the cause of its crash. This took years. Ask yourself this: why has the building code not changed?

      • Hyppysellinen; heips! no suurin anti messuilta lienee juuri nuo kirjalöydöt, eli eipä hätiä jos jäi ruokamessut väliin 🙂 Onhan se tietenkin hauskaa kun saa katsella kaikenlaisia erikoisia ja hienoja kahvikoneita ja muita erikoisuuksia joskus. Myös sushikoulu siellä olisi ollut 10 eurolla, mutta itse en osallistunut.. katselin vain 😉

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