America The Lost

Posted: July 24, 2010 in freedom, Human Rights, Politics

As the November elections approach and Americans become increasing more engaged and polarized on issues, many from the right and left have kicked up the predictable repertoire of slime that permeates national and state elections. The focus on Congressional and senate performance as individuals seems lost in the national debate and is reminiscent of a family fighting over the last will and testament of a wealthy deceased loved one.

Politics in America has become a national pastime of vulgarity and lies and we seem to focus predominately on what divides us and forget what unites us as a country with vast responsibilities of not only national importance but also international importance. The hypocrisy of the very few who have remained active in national and international affairs and parties that have governed this country continuously for over two centuries are directly responsible for the current state of affairs as we find America today, rudderless and drifting further and further away from what this country once was.

It has been a distinct pleasure these past few weeks of talking with proponents from the left, right and the center, all have engaged in eloquent and amicable discussions with focus on policy and yes unfortunately, race. There is not a white elephant in the room on this issue; it is overt and at times downright nauseating to witness. The policies of both the left and the right have harmed America and government has increased in size by 11% while millions of Americans have become homeless and the very institutions created to protect the American consumers from predatory lending practices failed destroying the dreams of millions, black, white, yellow or pink; destitution knows no race.

Each of these families was sold a bill of goods with the complete blessing of those currently in political office and encouraged to live the American dream fully. America is about hard work and the opportunity for the little person to start with nothing and become whatever he/she can be, free spirit and an entrepreneurial drive with hard work and your opportunities are limitless.

Millions neither lived beyond their means nor lost everything, yet at every step of the way state nor federal agencies curtailed the predatory practises of the banks and allowed the markets to collapse, creating a new generation of the disenfranchised who bought into the mass consumerism. Although many of us thought, we had protected our investments we still managed to lose sizeable portions of our portfolios in the blink of an eye, so where exactly did this money go? If it was indeed real wealth, it moved somewhere else but where, who or what benefited from the collapse or was the money truly nothing more than just numbers in a digital data base with no hard assets backing the investment and a ponzie scheme created to transfer wealth.

Although we may never fully comprehend what happened there is one definitive truth, the current elected politicians with the exception of the President as he inherited this from Bush, are responsible for the growing numbers of homeless and a generation of Americans white, black, Asian, pink whatever, who have lost everything they have worked for. That is the true tragedy that has polarized America; the national parties both failed America and want us to believe they can fix it, I am sorry but you have had two hundred plus years to get it right and their sense of entitlements far outweigh what is right for America.

As the nation implodes from within, we find ourselves bombarded daily with the media supporting the left and the right playing the political games arguing over less and less meaningful debate and attacking what is essentially nothing more than political fluff offered as issues of critical national importance.

International monetary markets are becoming increasingly nervous of Americas credit worthiness as out of control spending is threatening the USD as the benchmark world currency. This wasteful spending of public monies and the current Presidents belief that throwing money at every problem will fix things clearly proves a misunderstanding of economics.

Not only at the Presidential level but also at the senate and congressional levels as well. Professional politicians have become addicted to wasting our money to the complete detriment of America and her people. The taxpayer base is shrinking as millions are out of work and losing homes daily, the government grows and restricts our rights as poverty increases and the disenfranchised population grows. America is not working anymore, the politicians, no, the Republicans and Democrats are each guilty of bringing ruin into the lives of each of us through poor oversight and pork in each bill passed and neglect issues affecting the lives of millions of Americans.

The Presidents handling of the Gulf of Mexico’s environmental disaster is an epic fail that his administration owns outright, he has literally left the arson in charge of the fire as his direct refusal to accept help from the outset of this disaster has now threatened the economic security of many millions of Americans.

Attacking Arizona for responsible actions on curbing illegal immigration in numbers that are beyond comprehension while allowing free zones for illegal immigrants to live and work is clearly a violation of law and this is owned by this President, race has nothing to do with his inaction on protecting Americans and the constitution.

Arizona’s legislation may be discriminatory but in exceptional circumstances that may only be temporary, you protect the citizens from threats by the means necessary to uphold the law.

Warrantless wiretaps and the electronic gathering of information on Americans by the NSA is also illegal and this President has had time and failed to remove the illegal acts of the federal government, so he owns this as well, policies he has within his power to change and refuses to do so.

These are valid arguments and the color of skin has nothing to do with it, Bush and Cheney were both culpable in creating this attack on the rights of Americans and the current President, seems eerily comfortable with continuing the agenda of the Republicans in the name of security, the biggest piece of horseshit ever created.

You cannot find Bin laden so why not make the citizens who value the constitution enemies of the state, after all, we allowed the middle class to be decimated and they were the voting threat. The America of yesterday is gone, veterans are considered potential enemies because they are held to their oath to protect the constitution and citizens of the United States, from foreign and domestic threats, so obviously the government considers them a threat, why else would a free an open country with a growing government declare them as threats?

The time for political grandstanding is over; the hour of accountability is here, the government’s agenda in the past nine years has attacked our civil rights, black, white, yellow, it makes no difference and considers patriots who fought and served this nation as potential enemies.

The agenda of the government is heading directly into State and civil confrontation and unless changes are made by the people of America, dark days are indeed ahead for this one great nation.

  1. Maplethorpe says:

    Great article! Your words resonate with my interpretation of the current government and its pitfalls. I’ll be following your blogs.

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