Lawful Rebellion

Posted: July 19, 2010 in freedom, Human Rights, Politics

Either America is in trouble or doing fine, it just depends on whom you are talking to, we are moving too far to the left or we are still too far to the right, many diverse opinions and steadfast support for both sides of the political spectrum exist. The passion and vulgarity that each side demonstrates in their support for their party’s position is as divisive to America as the dysfunctional congressional and senate members have been to the country. 

Democrats and Republicans act as divorced couples who hate one another, and yes hate is a very strong word but that is what it boils down to, dividing Americans over a philosophy while backroom deals are made at the expense of individual Americans, hurting the country and doing very little to solve the problems this once great nation faces. 

What is missing is debate, open and truthful debate in a responsible manner void of emotionally charged opinions and name-calling, which has reduced any attempt at reasonable engagement to a level of contempt that borders on the insane. Many of the supporters from each party have closed their minds to listening and just talk at one another leaving no real room for meaningful dialogue. 

Republicans and Democrats are equally responsible for the disorder America is now facing and there is no escaping this fact, both parties have governed this country and both have equally screwed it up and there is no arguments that can be prepared to defend this fact, the senate and congress have left very little doubt on this issue. 

The dissatisfaction in government has lead to the creation of the Tea Party, another political organisation rising to challenge the status quo and much maligned by the media and both national parties. I am not a supporter of the Tea Party or any other political party in America but that does not preclude me from having opinions on matters important to the country. I am not alone in this either and supporters of the national parties explain if I wish to be heard I must join a political party to express my views, excuse me? 

Both national parties have had over two centuries to govern this nation and it has become increasingly apparent they each have grown into a culture of entitlement at the expense of American citizens and the dysfunction they have each brought to government in the past thirty years is a national disgrace. Examining voter turnout after elections is a telling story of the apathy citizens have on Election Day speaking volumes of the disconnect both national parties have with the majority of Americans

It has become increasing important for political parties to appeal to minority groups who vote in blocks to ensure continuance of power further dividing the American people, what happened to equality for all and the greater benefit to the America people and not just special interest groups. Politics has become a vocation of filth and deceit with hypocrites on both sides of the coin so convoluted with slandering each other the nation suffers and becomes derelict. 

It is exactly the course national parties have stayed and continue to worship keeping the majority of Americans disinterested from actively participating in the affairs of this country creating a deepening sense of apathy and therefore avoiding any real scrutiny and accountability to the true power of America, her people. 

The America media fixates on appreciative or vilification of policy and individuals with innuendo and spin supporting one side or the other believing they are giving you information that is relevant and factual in a thirty second sound bite. Whether it is Olberman or Bill O it truly matters not, both have agendas and dam if the truth gets in the way. 

The main consequence that both the Democrats and Republicans have self inflicted is becoming increasingly evident with the falling subscriptions in news papers and the demise of viewership of national news shows, Americans in the majority are turning away in large numbers and seeking alternative media sources, and this is causing deep concern in both national parties. 

Both houses attempted to pass a bill that would tax electronics and alternative media sites to support the failing newspaper industry, a groundswell of complaints from the majority of Americans defeated this bill before it ever reached the floor. The impact that alternative media is causing has also come under the scrutiny of Joe Lieberman in his bill to have the internet declared a national asset, this would give the president the ability to shut down the internet for four months without congressional approval. 

Can anyone see the potential for abuse here? The disconnect is evident in this bill, today’s generation is the most viral connected generation in American history. Good luck shutting it down Mr. President who ever you may be, the protesters in the streets would make the sixties look like a minor league warm-up and you will open up a Pandora’s Box of fury never seen in modern America regardless of the spin.    

The system is broken and many disenfranchised Americans are waking up as millions have lost their homes, jobs and families, the people who suffered from apathy on Election Day, their fury has started to structure in new parties such as the Tea party, threatening the status quo who will stop at nothing to maintain control and power. The spin-doctors are out in full force, party members are surfing the blogs and spewing hate as a new class of voters was created through the economic meltdown. 

The incestuous relationship that each party has with large multinational corporations has been documented proving that political agendas harmful to the American people and the nation are on track with very little deviation from one administration to another. Civil rights are abused daily through the patriot act and institutions have more value than the individual, clearly stated by the current President when firing a general who disagreed with his policy. Regardless of the general’s position, when a president states institutions have more value than the individuals, America is broken and rudderless. 

America is waking up indeed and the status quo is no longer a viable option as the silent majority is unable to stomach the entitlement and corruption that has become Washington, although it may only be in its infancy, it has started, Americans have had enough. 

Welcome to the Lawful Rebellion.

  1. Harvey says:

    And with exactly this recognition of the facts as well as thoughts that reflect exactly what you have written so well . . . the Tea Party movement was born. This real-life David, however, is not likely to fare as well as his biblical counterpart.

    There has not been enough of an “awakening” yet and, as promising as the “Lawful Rebellion” sounds, David does not . . . YET . . . have the power and the money to defeat Goliath.

    Power and money is what it’s all about — as well as lies; politicans lie too well and, as President Obama has, they have brought the obsuring and twisting of facts to an artform.

    Right now its about Republican’s and Democrats (however sleezy they both have become) but more exactly its about Left and Right and I don’t think its necessary to point out which “direction” will strengthen this country and which will continue to destroy this country’s institutions as well as it’s social structure.

    Movements like the Tea Party are the voice of that “silent majority” and those of you who pray should pray that they will continue to chip away at the current administration’s death grip America; and that some day they will either assume power or make one of the major parties realize the destructive error of it’s ways.

  2. Stu says:

    Great piece.

    Do you happen to know where I could read more about what, exactly, the TP stands for? Mission statements, position statements and platforms, etc? I’ve visited and it’s little more than a solicitation for contributions and a statement that they are the antithesis for

    Doing a google seaarch I found but I’m not sure if their mission statement speaks for THE Tea Party, or if this is a splinter group of sorts?

    Then I go to and find yet another blog claiming to be “Official Home of the Tea Party Movement.”

    It’s rather confusing.

    • Harvey says:

      RJ and Stu,

      First of all a correction; my blog, “My View From the Center” is at — Whymsey was a failed experiment.

      In his rambling article: THE GRADUAL ABOLITION OF AMERICA?, Pat Buchanan quotes the sage longshoreman-philosopher Eric Hoffer:

      “Every great movement begins as a cause, eventually becomes a business, then degenerates into a racket.”

      Is the Tea Party Movement destined to fall into that pattern?

      Obviously that’s a rhetorical question that time will answer but pessimistic ME would guess that the answer will turn out to be “yes.” Right now, however, the Tea Party Movement represents and is fighting for the the best that America has to offer: free markets, a smaller central government and the ‘reinstatement’ of the U.S. Constitution.

      To get to the orignal question: I signed on at and will see what they have to offer but as to the actual mission statement; you might be interested in hearing it from the “horses mouth” by reading this interview with the Tea Party’s founder and leader, Michael Johns.

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