The Toronto Fiasco, G8 & G20

Posted: June 27, 2010 in G8 G20, G8 Protest, Politics, Riot

The Canadian government spends one billion dollars on security for the G8 and G20 conference and Saturday we see police cars burning in the streets, 550 arrests so far and the police have fired into crowds using rubber bullets and tear gas. Thirty second, newsreels complete! 

The need for such a vulgar sum of money to protect the leaders of democratised countries from their constituency must raise alarm bells in the minds of the individual, why do they need protection from their citizens. They are after all public servants who have failed miserably in protecting their respective economies from theft, with little or no controls in place on the financial markets. 

The loss in employment, homes and division of families caused through the mismanagement of these “world leaders” to national economies has come home to roost in Toronto. With the exception of 300 or so Black Block anarchists, the protests have been peaceful. The messages have been lost in the mainstream media coverage of the violence of a few and ignoring the real issues on the table. 

The media was waiting for this violence and sold it like a drug dealer to a horrified public, real issues do not sell advertising, violence and scandals do. 

Intelligence agencies know who these anarchists are and where they come from, they focus instead of denying alternative media journalists from entering Canada with legitimate reasons for covering the conference of world leaders and allow the troublemakers in. The reasons are clear and many that reporting factual truth and asking hard questions is something that mainstream media outlets have seemed too forgotten in journalism integrity and reporting. 

Why would I believe NBC when general Electric owns them? General Electric profits from their contracts with the defence departments of many countries represented here and this means billions in sales annually, can I rely on NBC to ask the hard questions? 

Four police cars were left abandoned in Toronto when protesters had that morning gone over their routs with the integrated security unit in Toronto, 300 or 350 Black Block members infiltrated the 10,000 strong crowds attempting to get to the security fence. When police prevented them from doing so, they split from the main group and started their rampage. 

Ignoring their duty to protect and serve, the police pulled back and allowed the anarchists to burn police cars and damage businesses in downtown Toronto with no arrests made during the “uprising” even though riot police were in position. Why was this allowed to happen?

Violent actions that are coordinated require organisation and planning, 300 or 350 people executing a coordinated attack clearly shows negligent intelligence from the security forces or agent provocateurs strategically placed within the Black Block to justify one billion in security measures.  

 Regardless of their motives, the Black Block has now made legitimate protesters ill relevant and their work much harder in the future.

The abuse of power by the Toronto police has been evident in areas outside the perimeter of the G8 G20 conference police are using an arbitrary law passed specifically by the Ontario Liberal government that allows police to search and request names of people within the conference zone or five meters from the perimeter fence. In areas well away from these zones, police are stopping people at random and unlawfully searching and detaining them, a violation of the Canadian charter of rights and freedoms. 

Cases of police brutality have also been made public by reporters who claimed they have been punched and detained after identifying themselves as reporters, a cyclist also claims while walking his bike across the street away from the security zone he was tackled by police, held on the ground and was searched as well as his personal belongings. There are more stories like this being reported hourly from downtown Toronto. 

News agencies that supplied their reports with gas masks in anticipation of tear gas being used on protesters are also claiming that police are confiscation the masks even though credentials prove they are covering the conference. Heavy-handed policing is being met with violence as protesters stand up for their charter rights and police continue to abuse their temporarily new powers of arrest that are illegal and in clear violation of Canadian law.


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