Pulp Friction

Posted: June 24, 2010 in Politics

The President fires General McChrystal over comments made drinking in a pub while grounded by volcanic ash with a Rolling Stones reporter in the mix. Ill-advised to say the least but as the old saying goes, “loose lips sink ships”, in this case the career of an esteemed general officer. One can only imagine the severe frustration the general and his staff harboured towards the administration and their policy in Afghanistan. 

In his remarks, President Obama stated, “institutions are stronger than individuals”, I beg your pardon Mr. President? People are living, breathing human beings, individuals whose labour and sweat build communities, states, and countries when the combined effort of these individuals works towards a common goal, and through this labour builds the symbols and institutions that you so incestuously covet over the rights of the individual. 

You have lost sight of what it means to be an American when you value institutions “rights” over the common person, Americans living breathing individuals. The voting individuals of America will make this abundantly clear to you in 2012. 

The war is at a standstill and you intend to recall troop’s home in the false pretense that all is well, when in fact you plan on attacking Iran over more counterfeit claims that they have nuclear capability or soon will and American cities will be reduced to ash if we fail to act! 

What is a crime sir is 2000 oil skimmers are sitting idle in the United States and your refusal to accept aid from friendly countries to help assist in the furthermost environmental crisis the United States has ever faced. How can you justify keeping your job with such gross miss-management affecting the lives of millions of Americans and you fire a general officer because he embarrassed you? 

850 billion dollars paid to bankers and Wall Street criminals responsible for the theft of wealth of Americans and you still allow these same people to repossess the homes of the individuals whose tax dollars bailed out their empires of cards and stolen wealth! The American people, each of them individuals deserve better. It is time to stop all foreclosures in America, these homes have been paid for in cash by the American taxpayer, they are now public housing and the banks have no claim on any of them. 

Get down to doing the business of the President; Americans need leadership, not dictatorship, if you can arbitrarily Order BP to put aside 20 billion dollars for restitution, you can do the same for the American people and order the banks to stop foreclosures and placing families in the street. 

Taxes collected by the government are for the benefit of the people, to improve communities and build the nation’s infrastructure to improve the lives of each individual American and allow the entrepreneurial spirit to flourish in a fair and open market. 

 Allowing computers to trade stocks unchecked has proven detrimental to the economy when companies stock can drop 38% and trade up again in six seconds, this brings Wall Street under world scrutiny and cheats the common person, and pension investments out of millions of dollars in seconds, bringing the integrity of the market into question, and yet you do nothing. 

America is indeed at war Mr President, but the enemy is from within and we the people are not stupid, we see and understand what is happening and you have failed to defend the United States, as is your sworn oath of office. 

So please excuse me if I do not care that your feelings were hurt and one of our Generals embarrassed you, in comparison, you owe the American people a hell of a lot more.


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